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The scent of Luxury Living

Home Experience

Scented Environment gives a touch of Elegance.

Business Perspective

Increase sales by influencing on clients mood and behaviour

Cold Air Diffusion

Help maximize the Scent Experience.



Spicy and woody, Royal Pine is Christmas perfection. Picture a snow-capped pine tree adorned with rich and colorful balls that beautifully embodies the strength and warmness of the Christmas spirit even in the coldest weather! On top you find chilled lemon, white citrus, frozen mint leaves, and an icicle accord. However, among snowfall, the richness of three iconic flowers strikes: a combination of winter jasmine, white carnation, and iceberg rose. As to the drydown, it equals party time! Things get warm, festive and tender with spices such as clove, thyme, and fennel, as well as cozy with cedarwood and sheer musk.

Top: Chilled Lemon, White Citrus, Frozen Mint Leaves, Icicle Accord
Mid: Winter Jasmine, White Carnation, Iceberg Rose, Snow-capped Pine
Base: Clove Bud, Fennel, Cedarwood, Thyme, Sheer Musk


A fresh minty fragrance that captures the atmosphere of a winter day with all its nuances: A cool, crisp, earthy freshness greets you, coming from chilled bergamot, frosted peppermint, a falling snow accord, and crushed pine needles. White lavenders and winter sunset roses shine through!
Then it’s like picking winter berries while you can smell a bonfire in the distance, amid fir balsam Christmas trees. At home, you have fresh berry vanilla cake and get a minty kiss from the one you love!

Top: Chilled Bergamot, Frosted Peppermint, Falling Snow Accord, Crushed Pine Needles
Mid: White Lavender, Winter Sunset Rose, Winter Berries
Base: Cedarwood, Fir Balsam, Vanilla, Musk.

Our Diffusers

Our Scenting Diffusers carry the top technology providing the perfect blend to your business or home.

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Our Fragrances

Our High Quality fragrances are made without any harmful chemicals, being safe to be diffused.

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Car Diffuser

Our Car diffusers are luxurious, unique, powerful, and have a long-lasting fragrance to make your car smell the best.

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Reed Diffuser

Our Reed diffusers are popular and practical. An elegant way to deliver a fine fragrance into the air.

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About Us

Elegance Aroma is a Canadian company that aims to collect exclusive fragrances for businesses and residences.

Our purpose is to create a unique identity for our clients through scents, which are distributed throughout the area by a high-quality scent system.

Our essential purpose is promoting well-being.

We offer clients a tool that can positively influence on people’s moods and behaviours. Our fragrance oils will trigger emotions consonant with personal desire or brand message.

Scent Marketing is explored to attract more customers, creating spontaneous store traffic and improving sales potential.

By directly affecting our emotions, scent branding evolved as an important tool to bring authenticity and personalization to businesses, residences and special moments/events. In certain sectors, scent branding can achieve up to 35% of sales expectations. 

“We don’t provide fragrances; We don’t provide machines. We provide experiences.”

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