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Magic converted into a scent.
Powdery, woody, creamy and sweet, Elixir exudes notes of bergamot, violets, irises, orchids and caramelized sugar that blend in the warmness of amber laced with white roses and osmanthus. Sandal, poudre, mosses and tonka bean compose its fine lingering base notes. Smells have a language of their own. But if words were enough, we’d say “Elixir”.
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Top: Bergamot, violet leaves absolute, iris, orchid, caramelized sugar
Mid: White rose, rose, powder, amber, osmanthus
Base: Amber, sandal, poudre, mosses, tonka bean

We recommend to: Exhibition halls, hotels, shopping malls, clothing stores, beauty salons, conference rooms, office buildings, sales centers.
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Weight .600 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 20 cm
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