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Reed Diffuser – Sunshine


Create a luxurious experience wherever you are. Our reed diffusers offer hassle-free fragrance dispersion for small living areas. With no parts to turn on and no need for cleaning or even electricity, our reed diffusers are perfect for rustic spaces like the cottage or cabin. The lack of aerosols or smoke makes it the ideal choice for those with allergies or sensitive noses.

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Put some pep back in your step and experience the feeling of walking on sunshine. Our uplifting fragrance is guaranteed to brighten even the darkest days. Youthful top notes of lemon, bamboo and energizing ginger burst through a sophisticated bouquet of enchanting jasmine, sweet lilac and delicate geranium. A base of earthy vetiver, rich sandalwood and warm amber add complexity and longevity without sacrificing the fragrance’s iridescent vitality. Who knew that life really could be all sunshine and roses?

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Dimensions 6 × 6 × 20 cm
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